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Explore the practical scenarios that our users wanted to address
and how Happi’s network infracture design and provisioning tools
solve those problems.


Users wanted a visual tool to map out the future paths of their project from the current situation to the final design.

  • Graphical representation of each project stage for a visual walkthrough
  • Multi-user collaboration for viewing and editing
  • Ability to categorise assets for each stage and run reports for costs and timelines
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Users wanted a way to connect multiple platforms, including public cloud resources, to a centralised control panel, with each different cloud optimised for a particular task.

  • Multi-vendor equipment into multi-vendor locations provides a full representation of all hosting resources and assets in the organisation
  • Provision and manage from a single portal through API connections
  • Representation and management of multiple cloud platforms in one place
  • Resource synchronisation with public cloud platforms


Users wanted a means to quickly and efficiently describe exactly how their equipment should be installed when sending it to a third-party facility, without having to draw it out in Visio then key it back into an internal asset system.

  • Provide detailed, NIC-by-NIC cabling instructions for third parties or internal staff
  • Complete control over change management processes
  • Ongoing support and maintenance is visually represented, removing the risk of cross-territory language barriers


Users wanted to start from a vendor-supported frame of reference and then right-size for their own resource requirements, without having to trawl through whitepapers and literature around reference architecture.

  • Templates that offer fully supported, vendor-validated blueprints and designs
  • Ability to quickly swap-out or upgrade assets to right-size the environment
  • Presales support available to finalise configurations and achieve deal-registered pricing


Users wanted a simple, yet powerful control panel to catalogue and manage hundreds, to thousands, of assets across a global footprint. The control panel should also incorporate user permissions and change management processes, handle multiple suppliers and multiple platforms, and allow for flexible reporting and categorisation.

  • Catalogue and import as many assets as required, across as many locations as needed
  • Set user controls and permissions across the organisation at an environment, asset, or tag level
  • Receive real-time updates – supported for any platform that has an API
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