IT Asset Management

Happi gives you a broad view of your network assets by displaying your
infrastructure visually, before you dive into the detail. Our tool puts you in
firm command of the asset lifecycle, enabling you to design, buy, and
deploy resources within one single control panel.



Get an instant visual impression of how your current assets are being used and the connections between them in our design tab.

Delve into the detail via custom filters – view your setup by product, location or at individual tag level. You’re then able to hone in on a specific project or company department, for example.

Drill down further and view detailed specifications of all infrastructure in your inventory, at every status level: configured, unconfigured or ready to buy.

And with the option to set user controls and permissions at tag, asset, or environment level, it’s easy to put different employee specialisms to best use.



Add bare metal, storage, network, and cloud assets to a current setup or begin one from scratch with our intuitive visual composer.

Live prices from sellers are displayed as you design, making it easy to test, reshape, and match your plan against your budget.


    Avoid unnecessary headaches later on by planning rack installations fully and specifying the exact connections you need. Using our detailed templates, you can be sure there will be the required space for equipment, patch panels, and cables to be installed.

    U positions, connections, and port availability are all stored and updated in the system – instantly bringing the data centre or server room to your screen.


      Happi is a marketplace: we’ve brought together a wide variety of service providers and let them compete on a level playing field.

      This lets the procurement specialists and infrastructure designers from your organisation easily get together and pick the best solution, both from a financial and technical standpoint. And they can do this all from a single control panel – the days of trudging from vendor to vendor, calling sales teams and haggling over prices are over. We’ve brought infrastructure procurement into the 21st century.

      We’ve made it simpler for teams to pick the right tool for the job – that might be the convenience of public cloud, the cost-effectiveness of dedicated servers, or, more often than not, a mixture of both.


        Happi enables you to provision, anywhere in the world, the network assets you’ve designed and purchased in a few simple clicks. But, crucially, as a cloud management platform, it also lets you keep a firm handle on all deployments through a single pane of glass.

        This includes showing how virtual resources (e.g. storage, servers, and applications) are consumed in both public and private cloud environments and maintaining an inventory.

        The tool also allows fully-fledged change management via API calls with providers, as well as financial governance. Metering functionality lets you monitor the consumption of cloud resources and then access consumption-based invoices. Go further still with analysis and reporting features, enabling the budgeting and optimisation of deployed cloud expenses.

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