The Future of the Internet

Nobody cares who provides the resources or what underlying technology is used – the internet is becoming a commodity in the eyes of the users.

As technology improves, hardware becomes more reliable, software that runs clouds becomes more mature and more stable, and more features are developed.

However, bolting it all together and doing so at scale is a big challenge. The networking, compute and storage requirements to be prepared on a massive scale become complicated because they’re pushing the boundaries of what the vendors can provide. That’s why AWS and Azure are built on bespoke software – the likes of Cisco, Dell and so on do not have ‘out the box’ hyperscale capabilities.

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So whether it is VMware or Hyper-V or Xen or Openstack – it doesn’t matter. What users measure is the service availability, such as uptime and customer service. They value ease of use and security of their data.

Ease of use in happi

We provide API hooks into any vendor, any partner, anywhere. The benefit of using a network diagram software is the fact this is all centralised and users can create a platform that bridges multiple products and services from service providers together. That’s stage one: infrastructure provisioning.

Stage two is being able to make it even easier for the user to deliver applications on to these platforms. We will be partnering up with solutions that deploy applications on to resources and are resource-agnostic – i.e. whether it’s provisioning to a user’s owned equipment in their offices, their rented datacentre hardware, or AWS instances – it’s slick and easy.

Security of data in happi

We don’t make any platform more or less secure. However, it allows users to easily categorise the service providers according to the level of security on the platform that they require.

Very short term development requirements with random data? Spin up some resource in a datacentre on short term rental hardware.

Highly secure, mission-critical data? Re-provision application from the dev or staging environment over to the user’s on-premise, fully-owned enterprise cloud stack and then upload the real user data locally.

Happi is a network infrastructure design software that is currently in beta and seeking product feedback from technical users around the concept and GUI. Register within the tool to see pricing and save environments, and subscribe for future updates.