Neil Christie talks Happi at MACHINA Summit

Happi founder, Neil Christie, was at MACHINA Summit and sat down with Disruptive Live for an interview. MACHINA is a new event at IP Expo centred around Data Analytics and IoT, combined with Artificial Intelligence technologies.

The cloud-based TV channel, Disruptive, covers tech industry news and events – such as MACHINA Summit and IP Expo – and interviews industry professionals to inform their viewership. In the interview, Neil discusses the 3 key challenges of cloud hosting and how Happi can help.

Cloud Hosting’s 3 Key Challenges

We’re looking to solve three problems, really. The first is a difficulty in procuring and deploying equipment. […] The second issue is the multi-cloud management issue. […] The third is digital transformation.

Neil Christie, Happi founder

Neil considers how US Service Providers have enjoyed rapid growth because of a multi-cloud management approach and how this industry trend actively demonstrates the increase in network size and complexity as more solutions appear. The network market is fragmented, but Happi brings together the products/services that solve unique problems, while still providing the features of a network diagram software.

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No single company solves every issue an end-user may have. But by bridging the gap between the various solutions, Happi will enable the end-user to solve their problems themselves with a full suite of available services and products.