Become a Happi consultant user to design solutions on behalf of others and gain unique features and rewards

Promote your skills with your own consultant profile within Happi. Push interactive project
designs to your clients and gain a monthly commision for active solutions.

Become a Consultant

Happi consultant users can design solutions on behalf of others to earn financial rewards.IT contractors and technical project consultants can build a monthly income through designing solutions for their clients.There is no cost to becoming a consultant, and we can change your account profile to a consultant or back to a normal user at any time.


Consultants will be paid 10% of the recurring monthly fee of the solution that the end-user deploys, for as long as that solution is in place.

Consultants will also be discoverable in the Happi app through our skills-driven database. This helps users find consultants with expertise in the areas they require for their solution – effectively a free way to publicise your talent for users to find!

  • Push interactive project designs to your clients
  • Collaborate on shared projects
  • Promote your skills through your Happi profile
  • Reach a wider audience


Once your account has been changed to a consultant account, simply:

  • Build your profile
  • Provide your bank details to receive payments(ID verification may be required)
  • Start using Happi
Get Started

Product Requests

Consultants are a driving force behind the products available in Happi.

If you have a product request, contact us and we will get in touch if we require any further information.

Coming Soon

The consultant account, features and benefits are all coming soon.

However, you can use Happi’s visual editor today as a regular user to design
hosted infrastructure.